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Dooars Tour, Chilapata Forest :
Dooars, a land of unending beauty, lies in the sub-Himalayan foothills in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal. Stretching from River Tista on the west to River Sankosh on the east, over a span of 130 km by 40 km along the foothills Himalayas, Dooars occupies a major part of Jalpaiguri district.Valleys carpeted with tea gardens, quiet ethnic villages, vast meadows with a blue outline of the Himalayan ranges in the horizon, endless sky.... is the gift of Nature in Dooars.
Chilapata forest is a Dense Natural Forest. Drive through the forests is an interesting experience. The forest is mainly savannah covered with tall elephant grasses. Chilapata Forest is near Jaldapara National Park in Dooars. River Torsha runs through the sanctuary. Sighting of elephants are almost regular. Wild life consist of one-horned Rhinos, wild Elephants, Deer, Sambhar, Barking Deer, Spotted Deer and Hog Deer, wild Pig, Gour and a number of Birds, Peafowls etc.

Nearby Places to Visit from Chilapata Dooars
Jayanti : Jayanti, a small forest village at the fringe of Buxa Tiger Reserve is another beautiful tourist destination in Dooars. It is situated on the bank of marvelous Jayanti river, tourists can take a breath taking looks of the Himalayan mountain range in Bhutan, far away. JAINTI is famous amongst the tourists for the view of the SUNRISE and SUNSET. JAINTI FOREST RANGE is a part of BUXA NATIONAL PARK. The whole park PARK along with the JAINTI FOREST RANGE can be easily explored while a visitor is in JAINTI. Migratory birds like Goosanders, Ibis Bill, Fork-tails and many other species of birds visit the swift rivers of Jayanti.
Nal Rajar Garh : Nal Rajar Garh is located in Chilapata Forest. In the time of british rule, it was popularly known as The Mendibari Ruins. While visiting the NAL RAJAR GARH the travelers can also find Elephants.
Buxa National Park : Buxa Tiger Reserve Forests lies in Alipurduar district of West Bengal. Buxa Tiger reserve was created in 1983 as the 15th tiger reserve. It is the home to a varied species of animals and unique plants. Apart from Bengal Tiger, there are plenty of Leopard, Fishing Cat, Leopard Cat, Jungle Cat, Indian Civet, Palm Civet, Wild Dogs etc.
Rajabhatkhawa : RAJBHATKHAWA is a small town situated just outside the Buxa Tiger Reserve.Rajabhatkhawa is 109km.away from Jalpaiguri and 15 km away from Alipurduar town and located in between Alipurduar and Jayanti. This place is connected both by road and train from Alipurduar and Jalpaiguri. There is a story behind the name of the village. It is said that in 1800, the king of Cooch Behar vowed to never eat rice if he did not manage to dethrone the ruler of Bhutan from the area where the village thrives now.
Jaigaon Phuntsholing (Bhutan) : Phuentsholing is the Border town in Bhutan opposite the Indian town Jaigaon. This the entry point to Bhutan. It is popularly known as the Gateway to Bhutan. Jaigaon through the road provides some fantastic views of landscapes, beautiful Tea Gardens, while in PHUENTSHOLING visitors can explore Bhutan Gate, ZANGTHOPELRI LHAKHANG, KHARBANDI GOEMBA, AMO CHUU (CROCODILE BREDING CENTRE).
Totopara : Toto para is a small village on the lap of Himalayan range situated at the border of India and Bhutan under Madarihat-Birpara Block. 30 km from Madarihat, a small village on the banks of the river Torsha near Bhutan border is the only habitation now of the Dooars for the Totos. The Toto is an isolated tribal group residing in this area.

Dooars Climate : According to figures, the altitude of Dooars area is between 90m and 1750m. there are numerous rivers and streams that draw new curves on the land. When it comes to rivers, Teesta is biggest river in West Bengal for Dooars. The average rainfall in Dooars in a year is around 3,599mm. The place looks stunning in the monsoons. Rains start in the month of May and often continue till early October. The climate is humid all around the year. Winters in Dooars are foggy and cold, and one can even get seasonal rains.

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  • Uttar Chakwakheti, Alipurduar
    1 No. Block
  • Approximate Distance

  • From Hasimara-30 Km.
    From Alipurduar jn.- 25 Km.
    From Cooch Bhear - 40 Km.
    From New Alipurduar - 24 Km.
  • Travel Facts

  • Best time to visit : October to June
    Summer: 20(deg)C -30(deg)C
    Winter: 10(deg)C -21(deg)C
    Rainy Season : July -September
    Average Rainfall : 382cm.