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Jungle Safari Dooars Chilapata Forest

Chilapata is a dense jungle near Jaldapara Wildlife Sanctuary at Jalpaiguri District. The wild animals, that can be spotted at Chilapata are Rhinoceros, Asian elephant, Indian Bison or Gaur, Leopard, Lesser cats, Hog deer, Cheetal, Sambar, Barking deer, Wild boar, Rhesus monkey, Hispid hare. Chilapata reportedly harbours 23 species of carnivores and herbivores, approximately 180 species of birds, 22 species of reptiles, several species of amphibians and a host of lesser fauna.


The guided safaris to the Mendabari watch tower and KodalBasti forests are included in Chilapata tourism circuit.
Anybody can enjoy a tea tour in the nearby Mathura tea estate. Visiting the Rabha tribal community in their villages can give a excellent and authentic cultural experience.
Coachbehar heritage town is an important part of the Chilapata tourism experience. A fort, built during the Gupta era in the 5th century is another tourist interest from chilapata.
The nearby places around the reserve forest are Neora Valley National Park, Mahananda Wild Life Sanctuary, Buxa Tiger Reserve, Gorumara National Park, Jaldapara Wild Life Sanctuary and Chapramari Wild Life Sanctuary.

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    Resort Location

  • Uttar Chakwakheti, Alipurduar
    1 No. Block
  • Approximate Distance

  • From Hasimara-30 Km.
    From Alipurduar jn.- 25 Km.
    From Cooch Bhear - 40 Km.
    From New Alipurduar - 24 Km.
  • Travel Facts

  • Best time to visit : October to June
    Summer: 20(deg)C -30(deg)C
    Winter: 10(deg)C -21(deg)C
    Rainy Season : July -September
    Average Rainfall : 382cm.